Monday, January 16, 2012

Facial Cleanser Review.

As a licensed esthetician I've tried many different facial cleansers, and there are a lot of really great one's out there. I always love switching cleansers ready to try something new whenever I'm out.
Being on a budget, I discovered a gem in the land of skin care while at CVS. I stumbled upon a cleanser called Black Rice by Pure Skin Care. It's really rich and creamy but not too thick and heavy. In fact it's pretty light and smooth and has been one of the best facial cleanser/makeup removers I've used in a long time. It's gentle enough to rub right over my eyelid and unlike most makeup removers it cleanses the whole face.

Love it! For a "budget" cleanser at CVS I totally recommend it. The biggest downfall is that it's sort of hard to find and some CVS locations don't carry it. If you find one buy it, you'll thank me later. <3

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