Monday, January 23, 2012


First I want to say that I absolutely love almost all LUSH products. They are made with organic fresh fruits and veggies and use high quality essential oils. I appreciate this company for taking an ethical stand on issues such as No Animal Testing and for making their products vegetarian.

ULTRA BLAND is my go to eye make up remover. It is made with beeswax and almond oil giving it a very rich and thick texture. My skin is pretty sensitive, but because this product has rose water (which is very calming and great for sensitive skin) I can apply this directly over my eyelid with no irritation. It's amazing to see it in action, ULTRA BLAND successfully removes all my many layers of eye make up and it will conquer water proof mascara. This product is considered a facial cleanser but I highly recommend using it only as an eye make up remover (or use on very stubborn make up that is resistant to coming off like a lip or cheek stain). I say this because of the thick texture and the use of almond oil may make you feel like you have an oily residue on your face. Also a little goes a long way. I buy the 1.5oz which is $15.95 and it seriously has lasted me a year. Give ULTRA BLAND a try if you're looking for a reliable eye make up remover.

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