Monday, January 30, 2012

Start feeling the Love...

     Valentines day is coming up and I personally love everything thing about this time of year. I especially love going into stores and seeing hearts everywhere with all the pink and red colors to candy filled shelves. From all things urber cute to very sexy, I can't get enough of Valentines Day.

     Whatever your relationship status is (single or not) Valentines day is a time of year to feel loved, and that really starts with loving yourself. Try to do something extra special for yourself, even if it's just a mid day nap. Give into the love and love yourself a little more this time of year.  I'll be posting tips and ideas to promote self love.

     Here are a few things I thought would be nice to indulge in and enjoy.
The French have it right when it comes to love, and who doesn't love yummy macaroons?

Treat yourself to pretty Jewelry. This piece is from Betsy Johnson

Trends aside, frozen yogurt is a guiltless indulgence. 

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